About Laadi Ojas
About Me: Laadi Ojas

I am the author of Skeletal Leap. My name is Laadi Ojas. Let me tell you a few things about myself.

In the year 1972, I completed my degree in electronics engineering. Subsequently I picked up a job under the defense ministry of India.

I have been a scientist in the field of developing electronically controlled warfare.

I have been an artist in theater as well, writing and directing along with acting in stage plays.

Also, I have kept training corporates and individuals in soft skills throughout my life.

On the whole, I lived an ordinary life full of extraordinary insights that I learned with my acute observations. These were the observations of the disturbing anomalies and their mysterious lessons in the store of life.

About My Past

As far as I remember, I have been an acute observer since I came to my senses. For me, observing has always been as important as taking an action, rather more. Maybe my sensory nerves have been more active than my motor nerves! 🙂

Anyway, this observing has always been a great joy for my curiosity. Knowing something in its depth has been more satiating to my senses than achieving it.

I just happened to observe a pattern in the human body for which I found no explanations in any of the above-mentioned disciplines.

The said pattern was so simple and yet so miraculous that I just could not ignore it. My scientifically oriented curiosity compelled me to take this pattern to its logical conclusion.

That’s what I did when I summed it up as a methodical system named Skeletal Leap, promising heaven on earth. Not our individual heavens alone but also a collective heaven for all Homo sapiens that we are.

My target is to convey the crux of Skeletal Leap to my readers in the best possible way.

Today, when I look back at what all I achieved in life, I find my observations as my biggest achievements. They actually made me enjoy my life to its fullest.


I got married in the year 1981 and had a daughter in 1986. Bringing her up was a real creative experience for me. On her, I experimented with parenting the way I had always believed it should be done. It gave me the most wonderful joy of carving a resilient personality. It meant a personality that would be able to stand on its own through the thick and thin of life. And she proved it with her action when she came out of a life-shattering trauma on her own successfully. She is again living a challenging life full of joy today.

About My Present

At present I live with my wife in Bangalore offering Skeletal Leap sessions for my trainees from around the world. It gives me another creative joy of carving personalities that stand on their own through thick and thin of life. To them, it serves the purpose of creating a personal heaven on earth for themselves. They are able to do it through summoning up health, energy and a sense of joyous fulfillment in life. All this endows me with their trust in me justifying my authority on my subject.

I am enjoying every single moment of doing something emergently meaningful about humanity in the dusk of my life!

If you want to contact me, you can do so on my Contact Page.

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