Sociocultural Evolution

Why do we need studying sociocultural evolution when it comes to taking Skeletal Leap? The answer lies in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Human evolution didn’t stop at biological evolution alone. It rather activated social evolution as well as cultural evolution.

But the 7 chakras that 7 holes left in our skeleton turned into 7 sociocultural chakras along. These sociocultural chakras distorted sociocultural evolution in the course of time. The result was a compromised sociocultural system with faulty social institutions and cultural values.

Sociocultural Evolution

This affected the pattern of human needs including physical, social, emotional, cognitive, developmental and spiritual needs keeping them unfulfilled. It resulted in dominance of mind over brain, distorting brain’s clear perceptions as mind’s self-centered comprehensions.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Sociocultural evolution had started proceeding along Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But soon the dominance of mind over brain turned objective needs into subjective wants.

This distorted hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow through sociocultural chakras turning into wants was what distorted our sociocultural evolution.

What is the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about sociocultural evolution.

Hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow lists physiological needs, safety needs,  love and belonging needs, esteem needs as deficiency needs and self actualization needs as growth needs. Self actualization growth needs can further be categorized in four parts namely cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, self actualization needs and transcendence needs. 

How does this distorted sociocultural evolution stop us from taking our Skeletal Leap today? This again is very simple to understand. It affects sociocultural chakras today exactly as sociocultural chakras had affected sociocultural evolution in the past. It’s a dialectical relationship between the two.

Affected sociocultural chakras further go back and reinforce 7 body chakras stopping us from taking our Skeletal Leap individually too. Can you see how sociocultural evolution has gone entangled into a vicious circle?

 What’s the way out? It depends on how we answer what is the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs without confusing them with wants. It will end up in transforming our sociocultural systems at their very root.

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