Are Miracles Possible? How Miracles Happen in Life?

Miracles: Aladin's Lamp

Are miracles possible? Really? What do YOU think about stories of miracles?

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Search ‘list of miracles’ or ‘stories of miracles’, ‘stories on miracles’ or even ‘stories about miracles’. Check what you get on the first page of Google’s search results.

Scriptures for Miracles

In the former case, Google will present almost all results listing stories from miracles of Jesus at its top.

In the latter case, you will see results with contemporary stories from common people’s lives.

That’s all we get when we try to look deeper into it. Every result just gives a reference to a story as a one-time happening that never repeated itself. And mostly their cause is credited to the grace of God. None of these stories comes up as a self-witnessed experience that may replicate itself too.  

These referential stories are more beliefs than authentic presentations, spread across the world from one to another since long. They are all one-time happenings as God’s grace showering only once and not as replicable patterns available for testing. 

Are Miracles Real?

Miracles: Gratitude for Saving A Child

I have a different approach to them. First of all, I want these stories to be authentic and not referential. I want to experience or witness them myself and, if possible, to replicate them.

To me, they are patterns just like normal happenings are. It’s only that they happen very rarely and hence we tag them as miracles. In fact, normal happenings are equally miraculous but since they happen more frequently, we start taking them as granted. 🙂

And in most of the case that I encountered, I found these them to be replicable.

Are Miracles for Today?

Have YOU ever witnessed any of them YOURSELF?

I have! 

In fact I have not only witnessed but also personally experienced many of them. And I replicated them as well!

In my blog posts with videos and podcasts, I will keep telling you a few stories from my life when they happened with me. These are all authentic stories and not referential alone. Moreover I was also able to replicate quite a few of them, ultimately turning them into methodical systems.

I have titled these stories with the insights that they blessed me with. Here are the titles…

Human Body Is A Storehouse  of All Kinds of Miracles with Mysterious Energy Bursts

Life Energy Burst

The very first one that I myself witnessed took place in 1966 when I was an adolescent.

The Release of Endorphins in Brain Facilitates The State of Flow

The second one that I experienced myself took place in 1978.

Our Body Performs Energetic Miracles If We Could Release Serotonin at Will

Serotonin: Saving A Child

The third one that I experienced myself was a further extension of the state of flow. It took place after three year in 1981.

Human Body Can Heal Itself from Within Only If It Is Given A Chance to Do So

The fourth one that I experienced myself took place in the year 1981 again.

When Mind Goes Empty, Brain Takes Up The Charge And Creates A New Story of Miracles

Miracles: Aladin's Lamp

It’s only possible to empty the mind when it’s posed with an impending emergency that it has no solution for. It stops working in such an impending scenario. Consequently it gets forced to surrender its reign over the action needed to be taken to get rid of it. The brain takes the charge and does the appropriate action to come out of the situation.

I remember the fifth miracle that I experienced myself in the year 1992.

As Changes in Mind Affect Body, Changes in Body Affect Mind in Exactly The Same Way

I will tell you the sixth miracle that I experienced myself. All these are the stories that I can personally authenticate to be word-by-word true. And these being true stories is what makes them investigate into the nature of life in the most meaningful way.

I still remember the date when it happened. It was on 12 December 2004.

Central Fixation Has Power to Cure So Called Incurable Diseases

Central Fixation

The seventh one that I experienced myself took place in the year 2019.

Central Fixation Not Only Improves Vision And Cures Diseases, It Also Changes Us As A Person

The eighth one that I experienced myself will be from the year 2022.

You could get an insight into them from my lived miraculous experiences in life. I not only witnessed or lived them, but also turned quite a few of them into methodical systems.

You too can do the same if you keep observing every little detail of life acutely. And then you can decode their patterns turning them into new methodical systems. 

Keep looking for new blog posts to appear on this site.

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