Bioenergetics Vs Kundalini Awakening


There are two different ways to summon life energy in order to become an energetic personality. One is through bioenergetics, enhancing metabolism by food and various different exercises. The other one is through Kundalini awakening by opening chakras. Skeletal Leap works along both of them simultaneously. It also throws more light on this topic in its Life Energy Blog. You may also like to visit Skeletal Leap FAQ and Life Energy FAQ.

Bioenergetics falls under materialistic approach to life whereas Kundalini awakening falls under its vitalistic approach.

What’s the difference between the two approaches?

Materialism opines that animals including humans are extremely complex machines. They are so complex that we haven’t yet been able to fully understand this level of complexity. But we may, someday! Or we will, one day!

Vitalism opines that life comes to existence only when matter imbibes life energy that is cosmic in nature. This energy is non-physical as opposed to physical energy. It  has different names in different cultures and different disciplines. This approach enjoyed the status of a testable hypothesis in the field of biology till as recently as nineteenth century. But despite all experiments performed, vitalism has failed to prove any substantial evidence of its unchallenged existence as yet. Hence it has been denigrated to the level of a superseded scientific theory at best in the scientific community.

Claims & Counter Claims by Materialists & Vitalists

Bioenergetics Flow
Kundalini Awakening

It’s exactly like materialism that too has failed to explain the level of complexity which imparts consciousness to inanimate matter. The scientific community accepts matter as a postulate since it’s always visible to us. There has never been a question to doubt its existence. Isn’t it the same way that life is always visible to us in front of our eyes? Hence we have started taking it as a postulate requiring no proof of its coming into existence.

In fact, science has dealt a lot with the question of how matter came into existence quite successfully. But it hasn’t been able to even start answering how complexity enabled inanimate matter to imbibe characteristics of life. 

That is what vitalists say when they challenge science to prove exactly what complexity it is talking about. This question comes up when science claims complexity in the material organization to be the precursor of life. But materialistic science has no answer to it yet.

Vitalists claim that in this scenario, science has no moral ground to criticize vitalism as a superseded scientific theory. They argue that by the same token, complexity should also be a superseded scientific theory.

Am I a materialist or am I a vitalist?

Laadi Ojas

That’s a question I often ask to myself. And I never got an answer.

It’s because I am neither. I am just an observer. If I observe a pattern, I want to perceive it in its totality first. Then I let it get ingested in my cognitive system. Once its cognition is complete, I start trying to comprehend it as a hypothesis. To me, it’s a hypothesis ready to test in a strict laboratory kind of testing. This is so even if it’s a spiritual hypothesis. Only a strict laboratory kind of testing can make it authentic, turning it from a hypothesis to an established theory.

In fact, I am an agnostic observer in the sense of neither being a theist nor an atheist. An unconditional observation of patterns is what makes sense to me.

I generally prefer observing the patterns directly affecting my body, my mind and my spirit. It makes my job very easy since I myself become a laboratory for any and every of my hypotheses. I have the luxury of being present in my own preliminary laboratory 24 x 7 x 365. Once my preliminary laboratory has passed a certain hypothesis of mine, I extend it to others. I do this to further test what my own preliminary laboratory has already passed once under my own strict testing. Further testing filters-off a possible subjective influence. Such filters remove those subjective influences stealthily creeping into the objective strictness of my personal preliminary laboratory.

Life Energy Affecting Body, Mind & Spirit

Life Energy: Bioenergetics Vs Kundalini Awakening

That’s how patterns affecting my body, my mind and my spirit go generalized. They turn to patterns affecting human body, human mind and human spirit.

How does life energy affect human body, human mind and human spirit?

I experienced this intense life energy bursting in a streamline flow from my coccyx to my crown chakra. Not once, I do it every time I intend to perceive it. The instantaneous effect of its rising that I get as an objective feedback is a much clearer eye vision instantly. There is a plethora of other effects as well but I will talk about them later.

Where does this life energy come from? What’s the source of this energy?

Vitalists call it Kundalini and its rise from coccyx to the crown chakra is called Kundalini awakening. They claim Kundalini is a non-physical cosmic energy lying dormant at the base of root chakra in the living organism.  This life imparting energy Kundalini keeps lying dormant until and unless it is awakened for bliss as well as for pleasure. Kundalini awakening enables living with abundance of life energy.

How Bioenergetics Affects Flow of Life Energy


How do materialists look at life energy? They study biological energy under the topic bioenergetics.

Bioenergetics studies the flow of life energy through the living creatures. It’s because their living cells require it for many of their functions including cellular respiratory, metabolic, enzymatic and other processes. They use adenosine triphosphate molecules (ATP) for this purpose of producing and utilizing life energy.

There are three kinds of living creatures named autotrophs, lithotrophs and heterotrophs. Autotrophs (plants) receive energy from sunlight through photosynthesis and don’t require consuming it for themselves. Lithotrophs including photolithotrophs (plants) and chemolithotrophs (microorganisms) produce adenosine triphosphate molecules (ATP) through aerobic or anaerobic respiration. Heterotrophs (animals) consume adenosine triphosphate molecules (ATP) and break them down into adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and inorganic phosphate. This breaking down of ATP to ADP releases life energy for the cells to use for their various needs.

How Does Bioenergetics Work: Processes of Bioenergetics for The Cells Consuming Life Energy

By Mikael Häggström – All images are of Public Domain license.File:Pikilia.JPG, Public Domain,

Here is a list of the processes of bioenergetics for the cells consuming life energy:

  • Glycolysis: releasing energy from available glucose or breaking it down to create ATP molecules for future energy requirement.
  • Gluconeogenesis: creating glucose by breaking proteins into simpler amino acids which can create glucose.
  • Cellular Respiration: is achieved through citric acid cycle oxidizing carbon-containing metabolites that creates coenzymes. These coenzymes can later be re-oxidized to start the citric acid cycle again.
  • Ketosis: is another metabolic process achieved by using ketone bodies for energy when glucose levels are low.
  • Oxidative Phosphorylation: is a process when coenzymes initiate electron transport chain driving ATP synthesis. 
  • Photosynthesis: is a process in the plant cells using solar energy to create glucose. Vitamin D production in human cells is another kind of photosynthesis that creates ATP molecules. 
  • Cotransport: Sodium glucose cotransport is another newly discovered process facilitating intestinal glucose absorption.
  • Chemiosmotic Theory: is another recently discovered major energy facilitating process in maximum number of cells. It functions through using protons in aqueous solution to produce ATP molecules. 

So, for materialists, it’s only the biological energy to take in and transform primarily by way of food processed by bioenergetics.

Fair enough! They don’t want to go along any vitalistic hypothesis in the absence of a concrete evidence for the same. Bioenergetics gets a plus point for them.

How Bioenergetics Witnesses Blockages in The Flow of Life Energy

How Bioenergetics Witnesses Blockages in The Flow of Life Energy

But the problem starts when the flow of this life energy through the living creatures meets a blockage in its way. When it happens, it takes a toll on all the energy flow processes including cellular respiratory, metabolic, enzymatic and others. It ends up in limiting the flow of life energy through the organism thus challenging bioenergetics.

The question is what essentially controls the flow of this biological energy for this purpose of producing and utilizing it. We know it’s the central nervous system that is responsible for the said control in Homo sapiens. If the system gets compromised, the flow of bioenergetics will get compromised too. The organism overall feels low on energy and succumbs to various kinds of lifestyle diseases.

How does central nervous system get compromised? Simply when its nerves carrying the messages to and fro the brain and the organ cells get compromised. Especially the 10th cranial nerve named the vagus nerve! It carries the major chunk of messages to and fro the most crucial organs. It’s the longest nerve in the central nervous system working to establish an efficient dialogue between its two ends. These two ends are located in the gut and in the brain.

Kundalini Awakening Vs Vagus Nerve Communications

How does the vagus nerve get compromised?

Kundalini Awakening Vs Vagus Nerve Communications
By Anatomist90 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

A compromised skeletal posturing  compromises the anatomy of the organs in its vicinity. Physiology of an organ almost always gets compromised by a compromised anatomy of an organ. It not only compromises the anatomy of the vagus nerve but also the organs served by it. It deforms the muscle groups and the blood vessels around the organs served by this nerve.

That’s how the closed chakras come into existence at seven different locations along its length passing through the spinal cord. The vagus nerve comprises two parts named the ventral vagus and the dorsal vagus. Incidentally, it’s the same nerve that we call Sushumna in the chakra system. Sushumna passing through the spinal cord comprises its two parts named Ida and Pingala.

Chakra system says when chakras along the length of Sushumna are opened, Kundalini gets awakened and rises up to brain. It does so in a streamlined flow without any block along any of its closed chakra locations on its path.

Back to the flow of biological energy of bioenergetics in the organ cells served by the vagus nerve!

As a two-way dialogue between gut and brain through vagus nerve re-establishes, the life energy flow regularizes. The processes of bioenergetics start working fine again.

Kundalini Awakening Vs Vagus Nerve Communications

Kundalini Rising & Vagus Nerve Communications Are Synonymous

Life Energy: Vagus Nerve
Mikedanroz, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
Life Energy: Kundalini
By Ian Alexander – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It has to be a similar perception resembling the said awakening of Kundalini and its rise up to the brain. It feels like a gush of biological energy rising up from the gut to the head through spinal cord. As per the materialistic approach, it’s the gush of the dialogue between the gut and the brain establishing instantaneously. Also, it’s coinciding with the instantaneous flow of life energy to the cells of the organs served by the vagus nerve. 

So we can see that the perception and the feeling of opening all the chakras together are exactly the same. They are exactly the same whether you look at it from the angle of materialists or that of vitalists. Even their effects are the same whether whether they take place by Kundalini rising or by the vagus nerve communications.

I had defined chakras as deformities in skeletal posturing leading to deformities in the surrounding muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Hence, it’s the deformed anatomy of these structures that negatively affects physiology of the systems they are a part of.

Levels of Life Energy: Kundalini vis a vis Bioenergetics

Levels of Life Energy: Kundalini vis a vis Bioenergetics

Let’s talk a bit about life energy. You might have seen various different kinds of people with various different levels of life energy in their mind body system. We can also see the same differences in different pets that we or our acquaintances have with them. 

‘Warm’ vs ‘cold’ are the two end points of the various grades of their life energy levels in them. On the other hand, ‘hot’ vs ‘cool’ are the end points of the various grades of their life energy balance in them. Of course ‘hot’ vs ‘cold’ have another sexual connotation associated with them. According to this connotation, they are the end points of the various grades of their sexual energy levels in them.

Now, where do these different life energy levels come to existence from? What makes people more passionate for life, i.e., warm? What makes them less so as cold? And what makes them energetically balanced at peace with themselves, i.e., cool? More so, what makes them hot or cold in the bed?

Are these the levels of their biological energy in their physical systems? But I have seen many of them with a great passion for everything around falling prey to serious lifestyle diseases! How do we explain that?

You can say those are the traits of their personality and have nothing to do with their level of life energy. But does this answer really make any real sense?

Life Energy Affects Personality Formation: The Role of Kundalini Flow

Life Energy: Kundalini
By Ian Alexander – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

How do the personalities form? Is that a kind of training one has learnt to live with in one’s life? Or is the basic core of personality more an innate phenomenon one is born with? I have seen numerous children being born with various different crying patterns. Somehow these patterns always gave me a hint what lines their personalities are going to develop along as they grow. Whatever line their nurturing goes along, I have observed the basic core of their personalities growing along their innate tendencies.

Are we born with a life energy pattern of Kundalini flow as a seed in our mind body system?

We need to do further research on Kundalini flow through Kundalini awakening. Because if it is true, it provides a strong support to the vitalistic hypothesis of life energy.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

Our Body Is A Storehouse  of All Kinds of Possible Miracles

Our body is a storehouse  of all kinds of possible miracles whether you categorize them under materialistic or vitalistic approach. Why don’t we unearth them and make them an integral part of our life full of life energy?

What is opinion about materialistic vs vitalistic approaches? Which phenomenon do you think represents surge of life energy, Kundalini awakening via Sushumna or communication surge via Vagus nerve?

The procedure of Skeletal Leap works the same way with bioenergetics or else with Kundalini.

You can also visit Life Energy Blog for more information on our blog posts in the Energy Category.

Also, don’t forget to check Skeletal Leap FAQ and Life Energy FAQ.

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