How are miracles relevant to the overall theme of Skeletal Leap? That is because Skeletal Leap as such is one of the biggest miracles you may ever witness in your life. We just need to look at them with a curious mindset so that we may make their patterns rational. It will enable us to turn them beneficial for the sake of humanity. True stories of miracles always inspire us to change the status quo.


More so if we can turn them into rational systems to process them step by step. In fact, if we look into life a little deeper, we will realize every single pattern is a miracle. It is just that we have become used to them. Hence we stop questioning or wondering about them.

Are miracles real? Are the ancient stories of miracles real? We cannot answer these questions through faith alone. It rather requires a rationally creative mind to solve the puzzle. We also need to be fully observant to develop such a rationally creative mind.

Are miracles for today? Why not? It’s one of those very frequently asked questions about miracles. If they took place in the olden days, why can’t they also take place today? In fact they have always been there around us. We just need to be seers so that we can register them in our perception.

I am always looking for all kinds of miracles near me. And I always find them happening. Like the Indian poet Kabir says… 

“The ones who took a deep dive within could well come up discovering the truth of life from within. But those who couldn’t muster up enough courage to dive so deep just kept sitting inactive, unfulfilled.”

Look for the posts on miracles including videos, podcasts, interviews, quotes and discussions clicking on the links below. It’s possible you get a deep insight into them and come up with a rationally creative mind!

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