Meditation is the modus operandi that opens chakras, summons energy via breathing and thus manifests Skeletal Leap. I remember how meditation changed my life not only mentally and spiritually but physically as well.

Skeletal Meditations

At Skeletal Leap, we work with skeletal meditations which fill the holes that the bipedal evolution had left in our skeleton. On the other hand, they empty the mind and thus render the brain independent to work on its own.

That is what opens all the chakras and enables breathing to summon energy. As energy flows up the spine to the crown chakra, the miracle happens. The Skeletal Leap takes place rejuvenating body, mind and spirit! 

What meditation is? 

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about meditation. The answer is it’s a process of optimizing perception and its resultant action in the most spontaneous manner. 

For this to accomplish, mind needs to empty itself of all its beliefs which it takes as its death. That is why we work on it via skeletal maneuvers instead of mental ones. As mind affects the body, the body affects the mind equally so. 

The skeletal meditations persuade mind to give up its dominance over brain. Once it happens, the brain starts working in its full capacity of perception and action in an instantaneous and a spontaneous manner. It’s then that the real miracle happens!

Why meditation is important?

Its importance lies in its power to summon energy.

What meditation can do?

It can change us to be a person who is healthy, energetic, focused, passionate, joyful and sensitive.

How to meditation?

That’s not a very good question to ask. A better question would be how to be meditative every single moment so that life becomes a heaven to live. That is what the guided skeletal maneuvers aim at. Once it happens, Skeletal Leap is in place!

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