Life Energy

It’s the lack of life energy flowing through the mind body system that stops us from taking the Skeletal Leap. Science studies the flow of this energy under bioenergetics whereas spirituality practices Kundalini awakening to enhance its flow via spine. One just needs to know how Kundalini awakens. In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about life energy.

Life Energy

Both disciplines offer their claims and counter-claims to justify their points of view. In fact, spirituality doesn’t discard bioenergetics outright but denies accepting it as the basic source of life. On the other hand, science rejects the concept of Kundalini as the basic source of energy outright.

However, neither of the two has yet been able to provide a proven theory of life energy. We haven’t yet beyond all doubt been able to discover the source of energy that imbibes inanimate matter with life. But we do have evidences suggesting that both of them work to enhance energy in the mind body system.

Thus we have two different ways to summon energy to turn energetic. One of them is through enhancing metabolism by food intake and an exercise regime. The other one is through Kundalini awakening. You just need to know how Kundalini awakens and you are good to go.

It is a fact that different people live life with different levels of life energy in their mind body systems. How can we enhance the level of energy that we live our life with? At my personal level I have done a lot of research on this topic through summoning energy via Kundalini awakening. I also did my experiments with bioenergetics and its role in enhancing the level of energy.

I personally found that both of them work but their areas of effect are different. They cannot be replacement of each other. In fact, they provide two different kinds of life energy altogether. And the best thing is that we need both these energies irreplaceably. Bioenergetics supplies us with biological energy whereas Kundalini enriches us spiritually. 

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