On our Life Energy FAQ page, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions on life energy, bioenergetics and Kundalini. At one hand, materialism opines that life energy comes from the chemical reactions involved in bioenergetics. On the other hand, vitalistic approach opines that life energy comes from Kundalini, a cosmic energy lying dormant at coccyx. But wherever it comes from, this life energy is what keeps creatures alive as well as healthy and active.

Here we need to keep in mind that materialistic and vitalistic approaches do have a common ground to compare each other with. What materialism recognizes as The Vagus Nerve, vitalism recognizes the same in a different language as Sushumna Nadi. Sushumna comprises Ida and Pingala exactly like The Vagus Nerve comprises The Ventral Vagus and The Dorsal Vagus. The two of them work almost exactly the same way. Hence it seems logical to treat them as one single entity.

Life Energy FAQ
Life Energy FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions with Their Answers

We, at Skeletal Leap, always keep updating this page regularly through answering most recent frequently asked questions. Therefore you should also keep frequenting this page. You will get the most recent answers to the most recent frequently asked questions. You can also visit Life Energy Blog to gather more knowledge about this topic.

Life Energy FAQ
Life Energy FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions with Their Answers

Life Energy FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Life Energy

Where is energy stored in living systems?

Energy is always in flux which means it keeps flowing from one point to another. In the process of its flow, this energy keeps energizing the living systems.

Why is energy required for life?

Energy enables the living systems to maintain homeostasis, grow, move, act and reproduce. Thus it optimally answers questions dealing with all these parameters of life.

Which type of energy is used by living organisms?

According to materialistic approach, living organisms use energy produced through bioenergetics. But the vitalistic approach adds another more important type of energy to it that the living organisms use. It is Kundalini that turns inanimate matter to a living organism. But both of these approaches haven’t yet been able to answer the most basic questions of its source.

How does bioenergetics work?

Bioenergetics studies the flow of energy through living bodies for their necessary functions. These functions include cellular respiratory, metabolic, enzymatic and quite a few other processes. Organisms use adenosine triphosphate molecules (ATP) to produce and utilize energy. This is as far as the materialistic approach can answer the most basic questions of its source.

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga was originally a Tantric practice that Yoga borrowed from Tantra and adopted. It aims at awakening Kundalini energy. This procedure tries to answer the question of the basic source of life energy.

Where is kundalini located?

Kundalini lies dormant at the base of root chakra at coccyx until we wake it up. Till it’s lying dormant, it cannot answer any questions regarding the source of this energy.

Where does kundalini come from?

Kundalini is a non-physical cosmic energy and it comes from cosmos. This is a hypothesis which cannot answer any questions with authenticity until it proves itself scientifically.

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