Health doesn’t really play any role in manifesting Skeletal Leap. It’s rather the other way round. In other words, it’s Skeletal Leap that manifests both, physical and mental health as its immediate reward. As the adage goes, health is wealth but unluckily the opposite is not true!

Health in Body and Mind

In fact, barring money, it is one of the most sought after entities in human life. It is so because a major chunk of humanity has been a victim of many lifestyle diseases since long. They also include lack of immunity to ward off against acute illnesses from bacteria and viruses.

How does Skeletal Leap cure already prevailing lifestyle diseases which are in general incurable? The credit goes to an enhancement in the flow of life energy rejuvenating brain via vagus nerve resuming its communication. The said communications make efficient interconnections between the gut and the brain, rejuvenating crucial internal organs optimizing their functions.

 Why health is important?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about health. For most people, it gives them a guarantee to enjoy the wealth they have earned in case they are wealthy. But for those who missed the wealth train, it is a tool to catch up the missed train again. 

What a petty mindset have we developed as a result of our sociocultural value systems! It clearly shows our mental health has taken a deep dent into it. This mindset will never let us remain hale and hearty for long.

Is mental health important?

Of course! It guarantees a good physical health as its added benefit to a long list of mental benefits to enjoy.

Why mental health is important?

Why not? Don’t you want to have mental peace without any stress afflicting your mind to enjoy every moment of your life? And also keep it in your mind that when mind is stressed, body follows suit.

In fact, we need to make it our first priority, replacing money with health as the top rank holder.

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