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Health FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Healing including Mental Health
Health FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions with Their Answers

Health FAQ: Important Frequently Asked Questions on Health:

Why health is important?

It is important because it lets you enjoy life. If it is lost, the quality of life is lost. Hence we need to answer these questions very precisely.

Why mental health is important?

Its mental part is more important than its physical counterpart alone. It’s because if mind is not okay, it spoils body functions too. In fact, the mind directly and instantly affects the body. Therefore answering mental health questions is even more important than answering questions of body health alone.

Why health insurance is so expensive?

It is so expensive simply because a major chunk of humanity is prone to fall ill. Hence it becomes a high risk zone for insurance companies. But they do have to cover their risk factor. Consequently they cover their risk by making its premium expensive. You can ask them any questions on phone and they will be more than happy to answer you back.

Why health care should be free?

Healthcare should be free so that everyone has easy access to it. As a consequence, people will be able to work with healthier conditions. Thus they will be able to contribute more to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) turning society more prosperous. Ultimately, free healthcare will be a profitable investment for a society to turn richer. Also, the quality of human life will improve much more than it is at present. In fact, it’s a good answer to all pathological questions.

How to be healthy?

The best ways to do so are taking a nutritious diet, exercising and keeping stress away from the mind.

How to heal?

If you are not healthy, the best way to heal is to boost your innate immunity. You also need to heal lifestyle diseases by changing your present lifestyle with a healthier one. On the other hand, alternative healing procedures play a great role in reversing the so-called incurable lifestyle diseases. At times, they are the best answers to the questions of overall health.

Are health and wellness the same thing?

Health and wellness would be the same thing if we took health in its totality from the perspective of wholeness. But unfortunately we have started defining health as the absence of symptoms that an illness generates. This is where we have gone wrong. Health doesn’t only mean the absence of illness and its symptoms.

If we take it this way, health and wellness are entirely two different things. But if we take health in the perspective of wholeness, health and wellness become the two sides of the same coin.

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Health FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Healing including Mental Health
Health FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions with Their Answers
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