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Chakras FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
Chakras FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Chakras FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Chakras:

How many chakras are there?

There are 7 of them in the human body answering questions about the quality of biological and sociocultural life we live.

What chakra is red?

Root chakra is red answering questions about our physiological status.

What chakra is orange?

Sacral chakra is orange answering questions about our aesthetic status.

What chakra is yellow?

Solar plexus chakra is yellow answering questions about our cognitive status.

What chakra is green?

Heart chakra is green answering questions about our love and belonging status.

What chakra is blue?

Throat chakra is blue answering questions about our esteem status.

What chakra is indigo?

Third eye chakra is indigo answering questions about our self actualization status.

What chakra is purple?

Crown chakra is purple answering questions about our transcendental status.

Are chakras real?

They are as real as our skeletal joints, skeletal muscles, nerves and blood vessels are.

Which chakras are blocked?

If they are there, it means they are blocked. When open, they are not there at all.

What chakras mean?

When closed, they are anatomical deformities in functional groups of internal body organs. They block Kundalini from moving up through Sushumna to the brain in a streamlined flow. As a result, it starts rotating in a circle at the location of the block rather than moving ahead straight. That’s why we have given these blocks what their name is. They answer all our questions regarding energy flow.

Open chakras are no chakras at all.

My definitions above are, in fact, the results of my firsthand experience with the way they function. In fact, I kept asking questions to them in my body until I got my clear-cut answers. These are also the result of my experience with Kundalini flowing up uninterrupted through Sushumna.

Where did chakras come from?

Chakras came into existence by gravity exerting its downward pull on the vertically oriented spinal cord when Homo sapiens turned bipedal from quadrupedal that they were before. It resulted in pulling the skeletal joints vertically down exerting pressure on the connected muscles, nerves and blood vessels all along the torso and the skull.

On top of it, emotions played their added role in tucking these downwardly pulled joints IN rather than OUT as they were previously set to be. This exerted an additional pressure on the muscles, nerves and blood vessels attached to these joints. As a result, they couldn’t work properly as their changed anatomy affected their natural physiology as well.

The entire process affected the body posture in a negative way giving birth to closed chakras at seven different locations in the body. That was how chakras came into existence the very first which they are still continuing.

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Chakras FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
Chakras FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
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