What is the role of 7 chakras as far as Skeletal Leap is concerned? In fact, 7 chakras play the most central role in manifesting Skeletal Leap. They came into existence as closed chakras by the bipedal human evolution having left 7 holes in our skeleton. Later, the dominance of mind developing over the brain function further reinforced them. As a result, we had 7 chakras that human evolution to bipedalism set in our skeleton. They have afflicted almost the entire humanity today though when open, they are absolutely innocent.


What are chakras? How many chakras are there? These are the most frequently asked questions about chakras.

These are skeletal deformities distorting skeletal joints, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. There are 7 of them in the skeleton at 7 different locations. But they are what they are only when they are closed. When we open them, they are no more anywhere at all. We need to open them to manifest Skeletal Leap. Let’s ask the same two questions asked above once they open up…

What are chakras when they are opened? How many chakras are there when opened?

The body knows none of them any more. All of them just dissolve as soon as we open them.

Closed Vs Open Chakras:

When closed, they obstruct the flow of life energy from the gut to the brain through the spine. That is what afflicts body with all kinds of lifestyle diseases including lack of immunity to fight against acute illnesses. On the other hand, their social counterparts afflict the entire humanity with lack of energy and sociocultural distortions. We call them sociocultural chakras.

The moment we dissolve them via guided skeletal meditations, we are ready to manifest Skeletal Leap. The modus operandi of this manifestation moves ahead with shifting to the diaphragmatic mode of breathing. As exhalations elongate to the double duration vis a vis inhalations, the vagus nerve starts fully communicating with the brain. In another language, the Kundalini awakens and flows smoothly up to the crown chakra via Sushumna in the spine. 

That is what we call taking the Skeletal Leap. It promises a personal heaven in life and a collective heaven on earth for all Homo sapiens that we are!

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