At Skeletal Leap FAQ, we provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding Skeletal Leap as a system that promises heaven on earth!

Are we ready to gift a better life to ourselves today and a better world to our loved ones tomorrow? A life devoid of disease, stress, despair and unfulfilled emotions! And a world devoid of barbed wires, turmoil, doubts, competition, ploys, poverty and a lurking threat of climate change!

It will lead us to a life replete with health, energy, joy, passion and empathy! And a world replete with freedom, peace, insight, alliances, options, abundance and a safe future for all species on earth!

Skeletal Leap FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
Skeletal Leap FAQ

We keep adding new questions with their answers on Skeletal Leap FAQ. At times we need to remove questions that people have stopped asking with their answers along from this FAQ.

Skeletal Leap FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
Skeletal Leap FAQ

Hence Skeletal Leap FAQ always remains a freshly updated page. You can always refer to these frequently asked questions whenever you are in doubt about any aspect of Skeletal Leap. Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions at present…

Skeletal Leap FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skeletal Leap?

I just happened to observe a pattern in the human body for which I found no explanations in any discipline of knowledge. The said pattern was so simple and yet so miraculous that I just could not ignore it. I had all the questions regarding it but without any answers. Moreover, my scientifically oriented curiosity compelled me to take this pattern to its logical conclusion. That is what I did when I summed it up as a methodical system named Skeletal Leap, promising heaven on earth. Not our individual heavens alone but also a collective heaven for all Homo sapiens that we are! 

How does Skeletal Leap work?

Skeletal Leap investigates into integrating skeletal re-posturing with central fixation for various different concerns of humanity.  It provides answers to almost all questions troubling humanity. The way it works is through maneuvering body skeleton the way it’s meant to be postured dynamically while making movements.

What is central fixation?

Central fixation means maneuvering the eyes, the body and the mind for doing the best way whatever we are doing.

Is Skeletal Leap a kind of meditation?

Yes, I call it the mother of all meditations on earth.

What kind of meditation is Skeletal Leap?

I call it skeletal meditation.

What do you mean by skeletal meditation?

Skeletal meditations are physical meditations concerned with posturing skeletal joints the way they evolved to be postured supporting bipedal evolution. These physical meditations aim at achieving central fixation as opposed to the mental ones presently in vogue. They have a plus point that being a physical phenomenon, they are tangible and hence easy to grasp and practice. The answer all possible questions concerning how to meditate properly.

Are skeletal meditations spiritual?

Skeletal meditations are guided meditations in a spontaneous interactive manner. They are purely biological in their form and structure. But they are real miracles! They have a miraculous capacity that allows Kundalini energy and neural communication via Vagus Nerve automatically start flowing uninterrupted through the spine. These are various skeletal postural adjustments that we can make turning them to be our first nature 24x 7x 365. That is what opening various different chakras means, answering all questions concerning spirituality.

What are chakras?

Chakras, when they are closed, are anatomical deformities in functional groups of internal body organs. These are the groups of skeletal joints along with muscles, nerves and blood vessels attached to them. (The vagus nerve is also a part of them.) They block Kundalini from moving up through Sushumna to the brain in a streamlined flow. As a result, it starts rotating in a circle at the location of the block rather than moving ahead straight. That is why the said blocks are called chakras. But as soon as we open them, they answer all our questions with utmost clarity.

Do you mean to say our skeleton is wrongly postured?

Not exactly! But yes, there are some holes left in it as a result of bipedal evolution which have not yet been flawlessly filled up. In fact bipedal evolution came with a price tag we had to pay for, albeit unknowingly. And it was not a one time payment. We, their successors, are still going on paying it every single day all through our life. Even after 7 million years of our first venture into it!

What kind of price are we still going on paying?

The price we paid for all we gained was an overall lack of energy flow as per the vitalistic approach. It was also a lack in the flow of neural communication from gut to brain as per the materialistic approach. We are still going on paying it every single day with lack of energy and falling prey to lifestyle diseases.

How does this lack of energy affect our life?

With this lack of life energy or neural communication in our system, we go prone to contracting many lifestyle diseases. We face all questions concerning these diseases but without any answers. They affect our crucial internal organs and their systems negatively not only anatomically but physiologically as well. The worst victims are our skeletal, nervous, muscular, respiratory, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, urinary, integumentary, reproductive, and digestive systems.

What can we do to come out of this vicious circle?

Every single homo sapiens needs to do it individually for herself or himself. This all is a very subtle skeletal re-posturing that makes it possible for us to take the Skeletal Leap. That’s what answers all our pending questions!

What is the modus operandi of Skeletal Leap?

Skeletal Leap has come up with specific insights into guided meditations for almost all concerns Homo sapiens have. Next Homo sapiens evolution has an additional potential of becoming a panacea for all kinds of lifestyle diseases. It not only concerns biological but also sociocultural evolution.

We CAN evolve NOW, or else we keep suffering.

What do YOU choose? The miracle in the making or the suffering status quo?

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