Human Evolution

Why did we choose human evolution as a relevant category of Skeletal Leap? It was because its transition to bipedalism left 7 holes in our skeleton. And it was because of these holes that we had to pay the price to turn bipedal. On top of it, it was not a one-time payment. It was rather a recurring payment that we are keeping on paying even today! Unfortunately, it’s this recurring price-tag that stops us from taking our Skeletal Leap for once and forever.

Human Evolution

But as opposed to the early human evolution, the more recent one has also increased our brain size thrice. Today, we can get rid of those holes in our skeleton left by transition to bipedalism. Also, today we know a better answer of the most frequently asked questions about what is human evolution. It is simply because we are more intelligent than we were 7 million years ago. But we need to understand the modus operandi of getting rid of those 7 holes. Once we have understood it, we also need to take action on it.

But the problem that we are facing is that these holes have turned us lethargic. And this lethargy doesn’t let us jump into the action of getting rid of these holes.

We need to summon energy for this purpose. But the problem is that we get energy only when we get rid of the said holes of early human evolution. Hence it has turned to be a vicious circle. Whenever we take a step further, we bounce back to the same square one.

The only way out is to foresee what the next human evolution is going to be like. It fills us with the energy of determination that solely is a human quality. This energy comes from our brain provided we have been able to empty our mind.

Understanding recent human evolution will give us an insight into the question asking what is human evolution essentially. Only then can we get the insight into what the next human evolution has in store for us. That fills us up with energy sufficient enough to take a plunge into Skeletal Leap for once and forever!

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