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Miracles FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
Miracles FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions with Their Answers

Clearly, there are two distinct types of these phenomena with two distinct types of questions and their answers. Firstly, there are the legendary ones that we assign to the legendary figures like Jesus Christ and other Biblical characters. These are obviously more popular questions and answers among the masses since they appeal to their strong faith in legends.

The second ones are more realistic miraculous phenomena taking place all around the world almost everyday among the observant masses. This second type holds a big promise to analyze such miraculous phenomena and replicate it for the betterment of humanity. It’s quite possible as we ourselves have successfully done so before. Anyway, we have answered both types of them in our Miracles FAQ below. You can ask us more questions to get your answers about miracles, if you have any.

In fact, we need to develop a scientific attitude to the events that we call miracles. It’s only that they are not as frequent as the so-called normal events are. We just need to analyze them in the light of scientific logic of patterns.

Miracles FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
Miracles FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions with Their Answers

Miracles FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Miracles

Are miracles real?

They are patterns, just like normal patterns we witness everyday. The only difference is that they happen very rarely and therefore we tag them as miracles. Otherwise so-called normal patterns are equally miraculous if we look deeper into them. So yes, they are real. But they can answer a lot many questions.

How many miracles did Jesus perform?

As per Gospel of John, Jesus performed seven of them. But all four Gospels, together, speak of 37 of them that Jesus performed. It depends on which Gospel you get your answers from when you ask this question.

What miracles did Jesus perform?

According to Gospel of John, Jesus performed the following seven of them…
1. Changing water into wine
2. Healing the royal official’s son
3. Healing the paralytic in Bethesda
4. Feeding the 5000
5. Jesus walking on water
6. Healing the man blind from birth
7. The raising of Lazarus

You can get more answers if you ask your question to other Gospels too.

Where was Miracles from Heaven filmed?

The shooting of the film started in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2015 and the release date was 16 March 2016.

Are miracles possible?

They are not only possible but they also keep happening around us all the time. One only needs being more observant to witness them. But it requires a huge lot of sensitivity on the part of the observer. In fact, it’s the sensitivity of perception that makes them happen. Ask for them and you get your answers!

Are miracles possible today?

Watch out for them and ask questions about them. Get their answers. They are very much happening somewhere around you right now. Just open your eyes full and see them happening!

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